International Etiquette - An etiquette guidance to cultivate a professional image and an elegant life

書號: A7809
ISBN: 9789862984222
出版年月: 2023/09
作者: Lydia, Jui-Chih Peng◎著
Lydia, Jui-Chih PengKathlene, Hsin-Chi Chang◎譯
定價: NT$500元
出版者: 揚智文化
類別: 教科書
裝訂: 平裝
開本: 16開
頁數: 340頁
EAN: 9789862984222
系列別: 通識教育叢書


The author has been conducting "International Etiquette" course in English for several years across various universities. Her extensive teaching background and dynamic instructional approach have made this course a popular option among students. This book is particularly tailored for English educators aiming to introduce EMI courses in educational settings. For students, studying "International Etiquette" in English not only enhances their language proficiency but also equip them with comprehensive understanding of various international etiquette practices.

Leveraging her extensive background as a flight attendant and a professional hotel service training instructor, the author brings a wealth of experience to this book. Additionally, her certification as a wine educator further enriches its content. As a result, this book integrates the etiquette insights from the aviation, hotel, and wine industries, catering to a diverse range of interests.

This book is also highly recommended to use it in complementary with its Chinese version.


Author's Preface ( from Chinese edition)  iii

Part 1  Etiquette Introduction  1

Chapter 1  Etiquette Introduction  3
Definition and Categories of Etiquette  4
The origin and history of international etiquette  8

Chapter 2  Why the need to learn international etiquette?  13
Why do we learn about international etiquette?  14
Difference in etiquette among various countries  18
Etiquette trend  24

Part 2  Dining Etiquette  29

Chapter 3  The Connotation of Dining Etiquette  31
Factors Contributing to the Formation of International Cuisine  32
Types of Dining  43

Chapter 4  Fine Dining  51
Chinese Dining Etiquette and Table Setting  52
Japanese Dining Etiquette and Table Setting  60
Western Dining Etiquette and Table Setting  64
Seating Arrangements in Dining Etiquette  73

Chapter 5  In-Flight Dining  83
The history of In-Flight Dining  85
Catering service in the cabin   91
Dining etiquette in the cabin   99

Chapter 6  Types of Religion and Dining Etiquette  111
Christianity  113
Islam  118
Hinduism  124
Buddhism  128

Part 3  Culture and Etiquette of Wine and Drinks  133

Chapter 7  Scene of Food and Wine  139
Different types of alcohol beverages  142
Exotic food and wine culture  148
Michelin Guides rating system  152

Chapter 8  The Art of Wine  155
Wine introduction  156
Wine Varieties and Brewing  172

Chapter  9  Wine Tasting  183
Wine tools   184
Wine Tasting  193

Part 4  Transportation Etiquette  207

Chapter 10  Public transportation Etiquette  209
Car ride etiquette   210
Etiquette for new form of transportation  215
Travel Etiquette   220

Chapter 11  Airplane Etiquette  233
The process of taking a plane  235
Boarding etiquette   241

Chapter 12  Airlines Crew Preparation and Etiquette  253
Preparation while schooling  254
Aviation Interview Response  275

Part 5  Hospitality Etiquette  283

Chapter 13  Accommodation Etiquette  285
International Hotels  287
Japanese hotels  294
Bed and Breakfasts and huts   297
New Type of Accommodation - Airbnb  298

Chapter 14  Basic Competency and Etiquette for Hotel Personnel  301
Basic Competency of Hotel Personnel  302
Hospitality Etiquette for Guests from Different Countries  319

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